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The Moodchangers team is excited to release our next line,  entertainment.   After many successful years of DJ service, we are taking the next step into the music industry.   AJKing has found a passion for not only rapping but producing beats and music.  Every song has been made originally by him and his team.


We are a strong Texas based company that is willing to go the extra mile to satisfy your need for music. We look forward to connecting to others that share our passion for music globally.  


Turn Table


If you would like to book me to produce music you can contact at 254-307-5569 or via email

  • Houston area bookings are available for $15 an hour.

  • Dallas to Austin areas are $65 and will be booked for the whole day . You must contact a week before ,no same days.

  • prices will vary for anyone outside of Texas.

For Dj'ing services you just need to tell me:

  1. What genre you like and any links you want me to download .Link must be verified .

  2. What age group will be attending .

  3. Clean or music with cuss words.

  4. Favorite artist for reference in order to do more research .

  5. How long I'm needed at the event .

Prices will vary off of these results. ​


$ 3.99

$ 3.99

Disclaimer: The music that is posted on this website titled unmastered are songs that have not yet been made to radio standards. This leaves the songs posted open for constructive criticism. We encourage your feedback and comments.  wrote and produced. 

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