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HM khairul
Jul 16, 2022
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One of the purposes is to guard against the tendency of Chinese people to go overseas in the future and to avoid the tendency to openly display the national flag in order to avoid conflicts with the CCP. At the same time, the red flag and the five-star red flag are not hoisted, but judging from the trend of international influence on both sides of the strait, the most important thing is bound to evolve into a situation where only the five-star red flag is left overseas. The Kuomintang supporters who put the Chinese nation above the Republic of China will also fall into the CCP's United Front trap and gradually become supporters of the five-star red flag. This is why the author believes that "Eight Hundred Heroes" has become the reference blueprint for "Eight Hundred", and it is very ironic to sell "Chinese photo color correction services nationalism without a national flag" to the Taiwan Blue Army. Because this symbolizes the patriotic story that Ding Shanxi built with Yang Huimin sending the national flag as an example, it has easily become a tool for the CCP to unite the dark blue ethnic group. To this end, I spent some time researching the character Ding Shanxi, and then I discovered the real political shroud behind the movie "Eight Hundred Heroes". Ding Shanxi's "pro-Japanese" grandfather The patriotic film directed by Ding Shanxi is not only "Eight Hundred Heroes", but also includes "The Heroes and Martyrs" with General Zhang Zizhong as the protagonist and touching countless Taiwanese. In the 1970s, two of the four Taiwanese films with the theme of the Anti-Japanese War were led by him. You may subconsciously think that he must be a hero after the anti-Japanese war. However, after comparing the data on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, the author found that the facts were completely different, because Ding Shanxi, who was born in Qingdao, Shandong in 1935, came from a very pro-Japanese family. Ding Shanxi's grandfather, Ding Jingchen, was a native of Jiangsu.
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HM khairul

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