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Apr 19, 2022
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Created a Website Experience for an Iconic Children’s Book Series eDesign Interactive was creating a website experience for Wimpy Kid which is an Kazakhstan Phone Number List iconic children’s book series. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is an international bestselling cartoon fiction series by Jeff Kinney. With more than 250M books in print around the world, in 81 editions and 66 languages, Wimpy Kid is credited with turning millions of kids into readers. The brand Kazakhstan Phone Number List team at Wimpy Kid came to them to redesign their existing website. They needed a fresh look to celebrate two upcoming milestone events: the premiere of their Disney+ animated movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and the release of Big Shot. Ttheir 16th book in the Wimpy Kid series. Their mission was to create a website that is not only informational and scalable for future needs and Kazakhstan Phone Number List announcements, but also fun. eDesign Interactive needed to design an experience that fans can explore and would revisit often. eDesign Interactive started the project Kazakhstan Phone Number List with in-depth interviews. It was interesting for them to get to know Jeff Kinney, the author of the series, and hear about his work. The conversations with Jeff gave them great direction for his vision of the site. Then the brand team at Wimpy Kid, led by Shaelyn and Vanessa. Led them on a virtual tour of their on-site bookstore and office space. Seeing Wimpy Kid’s studio gave them an indication of the brand’s vision and Kazakhstan Phone Number List imagination, but also the high quality of work they needed to bring to the design. eDesign Interactive rolled up its sleeves and began sketching. Their Senior Lead Designer, Ina, immersed herself in the world of Wimpy Kid, reading the books, outlining visuals, and getting inspired by the Kazakhstan Phone Number List characters. After the initial round of layout composition, their Creative Director, George, added heartwarming details that really made the design stand out.


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